Education at a new glance!

The internet has been my key to successfully figure out what kind of degree I want to pursue; it has given me examples of life stories and I have greatly learned from other people’s mistake by using the internet to figure out my goals. My first choice in figuring out a major was nursing because I knew I loved helping people and I thought it would be the perfect career for me. However, I looked up the pros and cons to nursing and the internet showed me the many blogs Nurses have made about their jobs and the cons saddened me greatly. If it wasn’t for the World Wide Web I would have been jumping before I looked which would have left me lost and confused; also wasting a lot of time pursing something I had no what it truly entailed. While figuring out what to major in next I researched the tuition prices at the many universities around my area and the average tuition price is at least $36,254 a year, also it was hard to read the many stories people had written about being in debt with no job and how their lives were not what they planned which brought me to this question; How can obtain a degree that guarantees a job without going into student loan debt? With that question in mind the internet surely came in handy as always; I researched what types of degrees on can obtain with just a degree from a 2-year college and that is when I found my educational career and that is being a dental hygienist. A dental hygienist degree can be obtain at an accredit community college that offers the program. I read and watched many videos about what a dental hygienist does and it’s quite interesting; I still will be helping people like I always wanted to but this time I will be in an environment that won’t have me in a nervous breakdown every second. The reason I say this is because hospitals and nursing brings back terrible memories that I do not wish to discuss but I do know that working with people is always a bonus and I can do what I love without going into too much debt. Wow, if I didn’t have internet access I don’t think I would be making smart choices about my educational goals because the internet gives everyone an opportunity to have their questions answered by people who have or are going through what anyone is going through which makes many people not feel alone.

The drawbacks the internet has had on me was the negative comments people would make about a degree I had passion on pursing which ruined my perspective and had me often times second guess my decisions. The comments would say “Oh if you major in history you will end up flipping burgers”, so it’s really easy to feel bad about the major of your choice if peoples comments reject your idea. One could get a degree in History and be a professor at Yale; people need to realize it’s not the degree that gets you far but what you do with the degree that determines your journey in one’s career. Pros have certainly out did the cons when it comes to using the internet to determine my educational goals; through the internet I am able to see both sides to the story and come up with my very own opinion. My advice to high-schoolers or anyone who wants to go to college is to never place all of your eggs in one basket; do the research, figure out if the tuition is affordable according to their income, and to make smart decision because regrets are always a tough thing to swallow.


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